Throughout 2018 the APOSW team have been planning and devising the breath-taking aerial action sequences that will punctuate the story and graphically illustrate exactly what some veterans of WW2 went through. Working with the industries leading Aerial Unit Directors, pilots and Aerial Directors of Photography, we will create never before seen scenes of aerial combat that will literally put the audience right in the cockpit of the world’s most iconic fighter aircraft.

We have engaged the industry’s leading Aviation Coordinator – Simon O’Connell at Shoot Aviation to source and negotiate getting the practical aircraft we will use: including Spitfires, Hurricanes and a Messerschmitt109. We are in advanced stages of planning the logistics of getting the aircraft down to Malta for the aerial shoot, which will be during the early summer of 2019.

To enhance the aerial sequences we will use state of the art visual effects (VFX) and computer generated images (CGI). To produce this work we have engaged Union VFX to provide all the Visual Effects for APOSW, including the enhancement of the practical aircraft we will use in the aerial action sequences. Union are one of the leading VFX houses in the industry and their work can be seen in some of the most successful films of recent years