Throughout 2018 the APOSW team have been location scouting in Malta and Italy.

Malta: The central part of our story, approximately one third of the script, is set on the Mediterranean island of Malta during the months leading up to the end of the siege of the island in 1942. However, in order to take advantage of the generous tax credits offered by the Maltese Film Commission, over 60% of the film will actually be shot in Malta, including all the UK interior scenes.

In 2018 the APOSW team spent many weeks searching the island for a suitable site where we could build a replica of the WW2 RAF airfield at Ta Qali. After extensive scouting, a site was found and we are in the advanced stages of permissions, planning and preparing to build the practical airfield where much of the story takes place.

We have also found key locations that will ‘double’ as the settings for all the other aspects of the story – we have even found the location where we will recreate London’s Liverpool Street station in 1941.


Malta scouting 1: Director Steven Hall and Writer James Holland looking at a potential location in Malta. 20 years ago, Steven worked on this exact spot on Ridley Scott’s epic film ‘Gladiator’.

Malta scouting 2: The overview plan of the site of the airfield location in Malta.

Malta scouting 3: A photograph of a bombed Valletta street and the location we have found where we will recreate it.